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Is a friendly, Family based martial arts club, we encourage parents to take an active part in the club.
We support our local community and county where ever possible; in the past have taken part in numerous fetes and school fairs including The Danson Park Festival.
We have help local councils in the support of Young Offenders & trained Members of the Police & Prison service including members of the MOD.
Kyodai Encourages Self Belief, at any age, helps in building confidence and overall self belief.
Kyodai takes the discipline from my days in the service, so some times I can be heard like a sergeant major.
Kyodai takes fitness very seriously, and runs circuits etc. taken from my boxing days.
This is all put together around the structure of the Kyodai Karate Syllabus.
Those students that want to pursue the Competition circuits, we offer Small Competitions for the novice medium & large size comps for the more confident student.
Training Videos
Training Videos to help and support your practice sessions
MA - Fitness Studio
MA-Fitness Studio